Selenium with Java

UI Test Automation is a process of automating the user interface testing of an application. Selenium with Java, Maven, and TestNG are popular tools used for UI test automation. Selenium is an open-source tool that supports various programming languages, including Java. Maven is a build automation tool that helps in managing dependencies and building projects. TestNG is a testing framework that supports multiple test types, including unit, functional, and integration testing. By using these tools, UI test automation becomes more efficient and reliable, resulting in faster test execution and better quality software. With the combination of Selenium, Java, Maven, and TestNG, developers and testers can automate their UI tests and ensure that their applications are functioning as intended.

Selenium with Java training is for professionals who wants to upgrade their career to Automation and wants to become expert in Selenium. The course will help you to learn concepts about Core Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and Maven. The course covers multiple automation frameworks with hands on exercises on projects. The training will be delivered in the form virtual classes. The course is designed from scratch where it covers the basics and advanced concepts of Java as well.


  • Professionals who wants to groom their career in automation using Selenium

  • Novice who wants to learn automation and get selected in an IT company

  • Professionals who wants to switch their jobs by learning new skill.

USP of the course

  • The course is curated by industry experts with 20+ years of experience who are having extensive experience in Automation with different tools and are aware of real time issues.

  • Course covering Core Java as well as Selenium

  • Challenging Problem statements and Solutions

  • The trainers are handpicked from the companies and has extensive experience in real time automation challenges.

  • Assessment at regular intervals.

  • Interview Tips and Questions for preparation.

Selenium Course Content

The topics that we cover in Selenium/Java/TestNG/Maven training are as follows:

Automation Concepts

  • What is Automation

  • Automation Characteristics

  • Different tools in the market for Automation

Introduction to Java

  • Installing Java

  • Installing Eclipse

  • First Eclipse Project

  • First Java program

  • Concept of class file

  • Datatypes in Java

  • String class

  • If statements

  • Loops, Arrays and Functions

  • Conditional and concatenation operators

  • While, For Loops

  • Practical Examples with loops

  • Usage of loops in Selenium

  • Single Dimensional, Two Dimensional Arrays

  • Practical usage of arrays in Selenium

  • What are Functions?

  • Function Input Parameters

  • Function Return Types

OOPS Concepts

  • Local Variables

  • Global Variables

  • Meaning of static

  • Why is main method static?

  • Static and Non-Static Variables

  • Static and Non-Static Functions

  • Creating Objects in Java

  • Object and Object References

  • Call by reference and Value

  • Constructors

  • Usage of Objects in Selenium

  • Concept of Inheritance

  • Interface

  • Overloading and Overriding Functions

  • Example on inheritance

  • Object Class

  • Usage of Inheritance in Selenium

Packages/Access Modifiers/Exception handling

  • Relevance of Packages

  • Creating Packages

  • Accessing Classes Across Packages

  • Accessing modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected

Exception Handling

  • Exception handing with try catch block

  • Exception and Error

  • Throwable Class

  • Final and Finally

  • Throw and Throws

  • Different Types of Exceptions

  • Need of exception handling in Selenium framework

Collection API

  • Introduction to Collections API

  • ArrayList Class

  • HashTable Class

  • Using ArrayList and HashTable in Selenium framework

String, File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS files

  • String class and functions

  • Reading Properties File in Java

  • Concept of jar file

  • POI API in java

  • Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files

  • Log4j API for Logging

  • Usage of Log4J in Selenium

Selenium Web driver

  • Download Maven dependencies and integrate with Maven project in eclipse

  • Architecture of selenium webdriver 3

  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome

  • Geckodriver for Firefox in Selenium 3

  • First Selenium Code

  • Close and Quit difference

  • Disabling notifications, maximizing, Disabling infobars

  • Page Load Strategy

  • WebDriver Interface

  • WebElement Interface

  • Working with chrome and IE

  • WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class

  • Proxy settings with webdriver-3/Working with proxy Servers

  • HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities

  • Working with different browsers without changing code

  • Managing https Certificate Errors

  • Various locator strategies


  • HTML language tags and attributes

  • Identifying WebElements using id, name, class

  • Finding Xpaths to identify objects

  • Absolute and relative Xpaths

  • Can 2 elements have same xpath

  • Can 1 element have multiple xpaths

  • Creating customized Xpaths

  • Element with variable Ids - startswith, contains, endswith

  • Finding xpaths in different browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and IE

  • Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page

  • Implicit Wait

  • NoSuchElementException and InvalidSelectorException

  • Managing Input fields, Buttons

  • Managing/Identifying Links with xpaths

  • Extracting More than one object from a page

  • Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects

  • Hidden components

  • isDisplayed function

  • Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page

  • StaleElementReferenceException

  • Broken Links Validation

  • Finding whether object is present on page or not

  • Handling drop down list

  • Select Class in Selenium API

  • Auto Suggestive drop down handling

  • Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes

  • Taking Screenshots of the web pages

  • How to Google out errors-Self sufficiency

  • Finding Coordinates of a Web Object

  • Actions class in Webdriver

  • Handling CSS menu with Action class

  • Unpredictable Popup

  • Selecting date from Calendar

  • Building test cases for framework

Page Object Model With Page Factory

  • Concept of Page object model

  • Brief discussion about goals to be achieved in Page Object Model design

  • Concept of inheritance and encapsulation in java

  • Concept of Page Object Model

  • Where can Page Object module be used

  • Issues faced in developing page object model

  • Build a maven Project

  • Build Page classes

  • Implement PageFactory Design Pattern

  • Annotations in Page Object Model Page factory

  • Complete the flow

  • Build the base Page class

  • Build reusable validation functions

  • Encapsulate common features of pages

  • Build the base test class and common functions

  • Remove Hardcoding/Use Constants file

  • Implementing reporting-Extent reports

  • Logging and page classes

  • Take screenshots and put them in reports

  • Read data from xls

  • Reporting failure and putting screenshots of failure in reports

  • Creating custom utility functions for data reading

  • Complete test cases

  • Batch Running test cases using Maven

Selenium Grid

  • Implement GRID - Parallel execution on multiple VMs

Cloud platform integration

  • Execute script on cloud platforms e.g. BrowserStack

  • Cross Browser testing using BrowserStack

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment

  • Understanding of Azure Devops

  • Creating Pipelines on Azure Devops for continuous Testing

  • Understanding Jenkins

  • Scheduling Execution on Jenkins